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Brisbane Things to do

Once you get entered in Brisbane, you will be welcomed with numerous wonderful attractions. It is the capital city of Queensland. The city is truly awesome with the sunny and sub-tropical climate and natural beauty. There are numerous Brisbane things to do including wonderful Koala Sanctuary and Southbank. The locals of Brisbane are truly friendly and ready to navigate you to this pretty riverside city. If you are looking for a destination to spend your vacation or weekends in a creative way it has to be Brisbane. The buzzing city offers its visitors with local delights like the local foods, drinks, markets and cut-edge local designer fashion. Brisbane is host to some most exciting events like the Sandgate and Shorncliffe’s blue water festival, the Chinese new year, Piniyiri Greek Festival and so on. Here are some Brisbane things to do.

Top Brisbane Things to do:

1.) Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Brisbane Things to do Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

There’s nothing quite like interacting a koala. It is the largest sanctuary in the world. You just can’t afford to miss 130 koalas at Australia’s oldest koala sanctuary. You can really interact and feed some of Australia’s most famous animals. Cuddling a Koala is one of the most incredible Brisbane things to do. The staff in this sanctuary are informative and helpful. There are 95 Australian species to see, including dingoes, bearded dragons, wombats, cassowaries, and kookaburras. Most of them are in the open walk-through enclosure. The park enthusiastically allows visitors to take selfies with a koala. They even provide free phone-charging stations. Your trip to Brisbane would remain incomplete until you visit this sanctuary. The best way to kick off your tour to Brisbane is to visit this sanctuary. The park also hosts other Australian wildlife animals like easily accessible kangaroos. Take a holiday snap while holding baby crocodile or a snake. It is one of the most joyful Brisbane things to do.

2.) South Bank

Brisbane Things to do

South Bank is packed with plazas, promenades, and parklands. The street beach is located opposite the CBD (central business district) at the center of this riverside heaven. A nice swim in the man-made lagoon is a preferred choice on a warm Brisbane day. The Southbank is a great place to enjoy Brisbane River. It is one of the most joyful Brisbane things to do during summer. Southbank is a lovely play area on the shores of the Brisbane River. The Wheel of Brisbane offers an impressive bird’s eye view over the city and river during the day or night. Southbank has all sorts of things to do and see where the visitor can enjoy the man-made lagoon area. It is one of the most delightful Brisbane things to do.

3.) Go Cruising

Brisbane Things to do cruising

The Brisbane River is a major part of life for locals, winding gradually through Brisbane City. For a more enjoyment take a cruise on the Kookaburra River Queen paddle wheelers. It offers great food, cruising and entertainment along with the lunch and dinner cruises. It is one of the most romantic Brisbane things to do if you are with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Brisbane is undoubtedly called a river city. There is nothing better than enjoying the gorgeous city skyline and the water bodies.

4.) Mt. Coot-Tha Botanic Gardens

Brisbane Things to do mt. coot tha

City Botanic Gardens might have the lovely location for some visitors to Brisbane. However, Mount Coot-tha Botanic garden is ideal for the more lavish experience. You can find this garden on the Milton Road. Don’t miss climbing the hill to gardens. The gardens have magnificent views of Brisbane. They contain some great attractions for visitors and locals like the lovely themed gardens. This garden will take you to the totally different world. They house the largest collection of rainforest trees. The gardens also have fragrant plants cactus, wetland plants, bamboo, indigenous plants, bonsai, and ferns. Visiting these gardens is one of the most fun Brisbane things to do.

5.) Sunshine Beach

Brisbane Things to do sunshine beach

If you search for beaches on the Internet then Sunshine beach would definitely pop up on the top. The resort of Noosa is quite crowded, you can tolerate the beauty. However, for a calmer seaside trip, you should head to Sunshine Beach. Although you even find nearby regions are also full of attraction, still this beach is worth visit. Sunshine beach is rapidly growing tourist attraction in Brisbane. To visit this beach is one of the most joyful Brisbane things to do.

6.) Brisbane Beach

Brisbane Things to do brisbane beach

Brisbane offers some great Aussie beach vibe experience in the heart of the city. The beach is free to access, include a fantastic lagoon enclosed by the white sand and sub-tropical plants. Tourists can relax while enjoying an ice cream. You can swim and soak up the popular Queensland sunshine. It is one of the most joyful Brisbane things to do. The water park’s of Brisbane is an ideal place for the tourist with kids.

7.) Whale Watching

Brisbane Things to do whale watching

Whale watching is one of the most delightful Brisbane things to do. Don’t miss to catch the most entertaining views of the humpback whale. Watching whales punching their tail on the water is quite amazing. The best thing is whale watching tour along with interesting marine animals such as dolphins. These are the memories you can cherish for ages. To experience more whale watching tours, book your tickets in advance.

8.) Markets

Brisbane Things to do markets

Australia is a country made of many different cultures. If you really want to experience its multiculturalism heritage then the road is through the marketplaces. Brisbane claims numerous stunning markets containing goods for all your need and make you happy. The market in Rocklea offers some great edible goods on each Saturday. The Brunswick Street Markets offer everything of your need, particularly it’s focus is on high-class fashion labels for young people. Shopping is one of the most fun Brisbane things to do.

9.) Air Combat Center

Brisbane Things to do air combat center

At the Air Combat Center, you will have some great memory to take with you. You can enjoy flying at the speed of sound. The flight simulation is so real that make you get a real feeling of thrill. It is one of the most thrilling Brisbane things to do. All the flight simulation facilities including helicopter and fighter jet all are literally close to real life experience.

10.) The Brisbane Art Gallery

Brisbane Things to do brisbane art gallery

This gallery of contemporary art is located in Queensland. It offers something for everyone regardless of all groups. The gallery exhibits inspirational art ranging from motion studies to Japanese painting and many more. The computer animations and photography is truly eye catching. The displays will surely give you a sense of wonder. This is the most impressive gallery Brisbane has on offer. Do pay a visit to this gallery as it is one of the most incredible Brisbane things to do.

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