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Best Things to do in Las Vegas

This article is about best things to do in Las Vegas. The biggest city in Nevada, Las Vegas is situated in the desert, bounded by barren hills. The enormous resort hotels lining the well-known “Strip,” with their dazzling lights, and recreated thrilling sites from cities around the world. They present a fun and stimulating retreat from the desert scenery. Las Vegas is a great place to visit at any time of the year. However, it’s cool winters temperatures are enjoyable for visiting the attractions. In summers when the temperature can go beyond 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the hotel pools become an essential part of the daytime activities. There are also other things to do in Las Vegas, which we have listed below in this article.

Things to do in Las Vegas

Best Things to do in Las Vegas:

1.) Las Vegas Strip

The Strip, which runs through the city from northeast to southwest is about 2.5 miles long. It is lined with vast amusement palaces, many built with a particular theme, and house to performance venues. The Strip is mainly impressive at night when the city is lit up by an endless series of glittering neon lights. Most visitors enjoy roaming along the Strip and taking in the sights. Many of the hotel compounds have free street-side activity, from dancing fountains to exploding volcanoes. Roaming along the Strip is one of the best things to do in Las Vegas.

2.) High Roller Ferris

The High Roller Ferris wheel is at the extreme end of the Linq Promenade, just off the Strip. This gigantic Ferris wheel is 550 feet high and takes around thirty minutes for one full revolution. It offers wonderful views over the strip and nearby area from the capsules. Each cabin, as they are known, offer space for 40 people. The Views are particularly exceptional at night with the city lights in full shine. Taking a ride in this gigantic roller is one of the best things to do in Las Vegas with kids.

3.) Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Fans of fast cars will definitely thrive to go straight to Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Situated in Clark County, 15 miles northeast of The Strip, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is a 1,200-acre compound of multiple automobile racing tracks. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is house to NASCAR races as well as a variety of other racing events. The Speedway holds multiple restaurants, and for those willing to stay all night, camping is available. Exploring this speedway is one of the fun things to do in Las Vegas.

4.) Caesars Palace Casino

Caesars Palace Casino offers the best environment for gambling in the town. Gambling is one of the liveliest sports to watch and accepts some of the biggest bets. It provides a vast playing area full luxurious table, roofs, and dining area.

5.) Luxor Hotel

There are various things to do in Las Vegas, but visiting the Luxor hotel is one of the exclusive things to do in Las Vegas. Designed in an ancient Egyptian manner, the hotel is created like a pyramid, with a sphinx proudly looking out over the street. The Luxor, like all the major hotels, offers a broad range of restaurants and shopping occasions. One of the prominent features of this hotel is the beam of light that come from the uppermost point of the pyramid. The beam goes straight into the night sky. It can be seen from all the way through Las Vegas.

6.) Bellagio Fountain Show

Watching the fountain show is one of the best things to do in Las Vegas. The Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas is known as the city’s finest resort. This huge hotel compound has a large variety of tourist attractions. It has an art gallery and botanical gardens attached with some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas. Beyond the entrance hall is a showroom area with different themes that range from spring botanical exhibits to attractive shows of art. The most remarkable and well-known feature is the fountain show. It has more than 70 swimmers, divers, aerialists, contortionists and clowns doing acrobatic feats around a pool having 1.5 million gallons of water.

7.) The Mirage Volcano

The Mirage Hotel is easy to recognize while roaming along the Strip. In front of the resort is a volcano, which explodes at a regular period of time. At night, the bright red fire shooting out is one of the most exclusive sites noticeable from the sidewalk. Inside the Mirage is the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. Here, tourists can see a large range of exotic animals in their natural habitat including white lions. The Dolphin Habitat contains a large number of skilled dolphins in its 2.5-million-gallon pools. Experiencing the volcano is one of the free things to do in Las Vegas.

8.) Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay

The gigantic 1,300,000-gallon tank contains a wide range of sharks, fish, rays, reptiles, and marine animals. About 150 sharks from 15 diverse species and more than 2,000 animals in all are on the show. The Shark Tunnel is the most remarkable feature. It is certified by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Shark Reef works with wildlife biologists to protect the rare lake and marine wounded animals. Exploring Shark reef aquarium is one of the nicest things to do in Las Vegas with the family.

9.) Stratosphere Casino, Hotel, and Tower

The Stratosphere Tower is a unique picture of the Las Vegas skyline. The tower rises up 1,149 feet, and on the rooftop of the tower are a diversity of heart throbbing thrill rides, as well as the Sky Jump, Big Shot, X Scream, and Insanity. For those who are weak with heart or are little scared, there is an indoor and outdoor observation deck with grand views over the city. The Stratosphere Tower is the tallest free -standing observation tower in the USA.

10.) Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Vegas Indoor Skydiving provides a truly exclusive experience. Here, tourists will get to know what actual skydiving is like, without an airplane or parachute. Qualified instructors guide participants to a vertical wind channel where they are covered up in special gear. Once the fan is turned on, anyone can drift smoothly into the air. No experience is necessary for this skydiving. Experiencing this skydiving is one of the joyful things to do in Las Vegas.

11.) Natural History Museum

For an escape from the chaos and rush of the city, a visit to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum may be a good thing to do. The museum displays the natural history of planet earth with a focus on Nevada. Exhibits differ from dinosaurs to marine life and more. The museum also hosts different national and international exhibit.

12.) Steve Wynn’s Man-Made Wonder

Steve Wynn designed his Wynn Las Vegas resort from the inside out, which means you have to remain in his casino to understand its magnificent attraction. From outside, the tourist can see a tiny hill covered with vast trees, but to get the full view, you have to go in. After entering take the curved staircase down to the veranda at the SW Steakhouse or Lakeside Seafood.

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