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Auckland Things to do

Are you looking for the best Auckland things to do? Read this article to know more about Auckland. Auckland is posted between two large harbours on the North Island of New Zealand. It is the largest and most heavily populated urban area in the country. A visit to this famous destination on the country’s North Island offers you a variety of picturesque landscapes and fairly solid region in and around Auckland. Auckland has it all to offer you the best experience. Let’s explore more about Auckland things to do through this article.

auckland things to do

Top Auckland Things to do

1.) Auckland Sky Tower

The tower is the most important tourist attraction in the country. It is said to be the highest building of the New Zealand. If you like to capture moments, snap the Panorama shot of this building through the observational desk. You can enjoy walking outside the platform for a spectacular view. If you want some adventure, then try base jump off the platform on a Sky jump. It is one of the exciting Auckland things to do. Get along with your friends and family to enjoy the utmost fun of this place. It is one of the most thrilling things to do in Auckland.

2.) Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium

It is one of the known Aquarium in the town. Here you get to discover a different collection of aquatic species up close. Enjoy the world’s biggest sub-Antarctic penguin colony exhibit, the largest collection of sharks and the world’s largest species of stingray. Take a tour through a unique Southern Ocean experience and the wonderful new live jellyfish display. Also, visit the magical Seahorse Kingdom, where you get to see the world’s only exhibit of Spiny Sea Dragons. For other adventurous activities try to experience the thrilling shark adventures like dive cage free, shark dive extreme or snorkel in Shark Cage. This is one of the exciting Auckland things to do. Get along with your friends to enjoy the utmost experience of this Aquarium.

3.) Cornwall Park

auckland things to do

The landscaped is placed on the volcanic cone of Auckland. Cornwall Park is huge. It is fully packed with walking tracks, livestock, oak trees, grazing in various areas. Enjoy the sparks and dose of fresh air. It’s a gorgeous place to visit in the spring season when the flowers bloom. It is one of the fun-filled Auckland things to do. The night view of this place is just stunning. Get along with your friends and family to explore more about the Cornwall Park.

4.) Rangitoto Island

It’s a volcanic island located off the coast of Auckland. It displays a rare, discrete landscape consists of rough lava crops, golden sandy coves, and lush native bush. Rangitoto Island is a great escape from the hustle bustle of traffic life. Explore its the beautiful natural highlights and a variety of panoramic views that holds extraordinary natural formations. Make sure you bring your hiking boots for the journey. There’ll be a lot of trekking. Get the best out of the island’s various attractive trails and viewpoints. This is one of the best Auckland Things to do.

5.) Auckland Zoo

It is one of the biggest wildlife in New Zealand that can be seen at Auckland Zoo. It is one of the most commended zoological places. Welcoming and familiar staff keeps the environment clean for the animals. Also the staff is credited with the ever-changing diversity of unusual and wonderful creatures. It’s a great place for a family’s day out. Also, it’s a winner of abundant national and international environmental awards. This zoo is home to more than 750 animals that consists of 120 different species. Visit this place with your friends and family to learn and enjoy the wildlife and nature. It is one of the most exciting Auckland things to do.

6.) Auckland Museum

This is one of the best Auckland things to do. It’s an affordable yet so wonderful attraction in and around Auckland. This is one of the most historic and exclusive Museum in Auckland. The museum features a bright mixture of both European and Maori historic blends. It represents Auckland’s past as a whole, with a wide range of displays. You can experience the best collections of Maori and Pacific Island, which gives you a touch of  trials, artistic and tribulations achievements. Polynesian artifacts and art draw its visitor’s attention to its Pacific Masterpieces. Visit this place and discover more about the heritage of Auckland Museum.

7.) Sidart Restaurant

It is one of the best fine dining in town. Sidart is a true gastronomical experience with close views and location. All this makes it an exclusive dining experience while in Auckland. Enjoy the multi-course menus with the best wines. There are several dishes and selections that guarantee to suit any taste. All menus are being prepared by the New Zealand’s most respected and honored chefs. So don’t miss out the most amazing dinner with your family and friends.

8.) Waitemata

This is one of the amazing Auckland things to do. It is not just an empty water body, but is packed with several islands. The calm blue water and the sea-shore is the best for your last stop of the trip. Waitemata offers a wide range of thrilling activities like swimming, fishing and cruising. Soak up in the air of this place or around its stunning harbor. Cruise tours are also available as packages to its tourists. It’s a great place to experience the magic touch of marine life. Get along with your family and friends to enjoy the ultimate fun of this Harbor.

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