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Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a capital of Kingdom of Netherlander. The city of Amsterdam is the commercial capital of Netherland. Also, the world’s oldest stock exchange is located at Amsterdam. It is popular for its artistic heritage and 17 century Golden age.  And the city displays oceanic climate meaning both summer and winterare mild. Thereby you can visit the city at any time of the year. The city celebrates its culture through its music, films, festivals, sports, performing arts. While in Amsterdam you would not want to miss the vibrant nightlife. Besides, there are plenty of great things to do in Amsterdam like concerts, boat trip, galleries, and famous shopping centers. This article will help you to know all the best tourist attractions of Amsterdam, so plan a trip to Amsterdam. Enjoying out in the canal will not cost you in large but the city has many amazing free culture attractions. Read below to know all the things to do in Amsterdam.

things to do in Amsterdam

Top Things to do in Amsterdam:

1.) Amsterdam Best Museum

things to do in amsterdam historisch museum

Experience the past of the city at Amsterdam Historisch Museum. There are number of amazing attractions inside the museum. One of it is a 700 old shoes of urban evolution. This place will make you eager to learn little more about the Amsterdam. You will be able to discover all the hidden story through its number of masterpieces. You will go through an unique experience at this museum. As you won’t be bored while spending your best time here.  For an example a map of Middle ages. this is the best things to do in Amsterdam with kids.

2.) Galleries

things to do in amsterdam galleries

The Van Gogh Museum is one of the best that should not be missed. It is amongst the top list of all the things to do in Amsterdam. While there are many more art galleries that is worth visiting. Some of the prominent ones are Galerie Mokum, Akinci, Kochxbos, etc. During an afternoon, you venture into one of these galleries to discover the new inventions in the Dutch and International Art.

3.) Droog

things to do in amsterdam droog

It is a conceptual designed studio established in 1990 s. It is still amongst the forerunners od dutch design. Their shops and showroom are the place that you must visit. One of the best classics you will find on display at Tejo Remy’s Chest of Drawers, it is a random collections of wooden drawers tied with a jute strap together.

4.) The Film Museum

things to do in amsterdam film museum

The entry to the film Museum require a entry fees after buying the ticket you can simply immerse yourself in cinema at free of cost at permanent exhibitions. There are lots of visitors around the Paronama room with 100 movie clips and scenes, which are projected on the white walls and can controlled via 7 control rooms. There is a futuristic cabin  especially designed that includes a small sofa for tourists to watch the films. Eye building is also the place which must need your visit. It is very recently relocated in 2012 with a new look.

5.) Shopping Market

things to do in amsterdam albert syrup market

Like all the big cities Amsterdam has a lots of markets where tourist will love shopping. This is best amongst all the things to do in Amsterdam for shopaholics. There are several markets in Amsterdam and famous for its products they offer. For example, the Albert Cuyp Market is known for the grocery shop where you will  find most of the locals. Whereas the Noordermarkt is famous for the farmer’s products like organic food at reasonable price. If being a tourist you are looking for an entertaining shopping spot, the best place known is Waterlooplien flea market. These places include all the things, right from the antiques to boutiques. Utilize your Sunday by visiting the markets.

6.) Skating

things to do in amsterdam skating

This is the perfect amongst all the things to do in Amsterdam with kid. Skating is practised in winter time, the frozen canals offers a playground with ice which is suitable for ice skating. The skaters enjoy a lot while skating  through a narrow city canals in the marathon style. In the summer season the locals and tourist practice skating in the park. Friday nights are amazing because the skating lovers participate in 20 km race. It all together takes 3 hour of tour in night streets. It is well known as Friday Night Skate.

7.) Garden Secret

things to do in amsterdam garden

Visit and uncover the Amsterdam secret garden. This is the best things to do in Amsterdam with kids. It is located at the place where the sound of the traffic and the rush of the city diminishes. Establish in 14 century as a convent. It holds a religious and educated sisterhood of the Beguines. There is a sculpture of Engelse Kerkin the center of the courtyard. It is a place of worship for the locals English Community. It is full with locals and tourists but the best part of this place is there is no noise.

8.) Bars at Amsterdam

things to do in amsterdam bars

Mix up with the locals and have a drink in a cafe. As soon as the darkness fall Amsterdam becomes a hub of great night life. Almost every cafe opens in morning and works till late night around 1 am to 3 am. Spending a weekend at this place is the best things to do in Amsterdam. There are number of pub and club here to make you feel dizzy and dance at the same time. Few of the best favourite clubs are Twee Zwaantjes and Wynand Fockink. IOf you happen to be at Amsterdam tonight then definitely visit one of the bars to experience the Dutch flavours.

9.) Live Music

things to do in amsterdam live music

You can enjoy live music at Amsterdam great gig venues. This is the top things to do in Amsterdam if you are a music lover. If you have limited time Melkweg NAD Paradiso is the best place you can hang out to experience best of Amsterdam. Paradise is a church which organizes many events in one day and also the known for the pop and rock music. It is a great place where you will find diverse talent in the surrounding. Similarly, the Melkweg, is a dairy. It is also called home to music of all type, with standard-sized concert halls that offer a stunning programme. It also includes a theatre, cinema, café and art gallery, and organizes  on club nights at the weekend.

10.) Best Indonesian Restaurant

things to do in amsterdam indonesian restaurant

For experiencing the real taste of spice opt for the Indonesian rice table. The food here served is very praised for its good taste. This is in the top 10 things to do in Amsterdam. It was established in the post war time when the Dutch palette got spiced up with Indonesian dishes. There are many other venues that serves all this dishes but the best renowned is the Indonesian Restaurant. Do pay your visit and enjoy then delicious cuisine that are served at this place.

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