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Adelaide Things to do

Adelaide is South Australia’s most famous coastal capital. It’s ring of parkland on the River Torrens is home to well-known museums such as the Art Gallery of South Australia. It exhibits a great collection of Indigenous art and the South Australian Museum, that is devoted to the history of the country and city. There are lots to see and Adelaide things to do, right from the city’s Adelaide Festival, the annual international art gathering with spin-offs including fringe and film events to many other attractions. It is located in between the beautiful hills and the ocean, Adelaide is recently announced as the lifestyle capital of Australia. The city celebrates for its wine, food culture every day and this is a perfect place to spend your holiday.  Adelaide is an elegant city that is undergoing a rapid renovation that you will love after your visit  so does plan a trip to Adelaide and enjoy all the best Adelaide things to do given below.

adelaide things to do

Adelaide Things to do:

1.) Hahndorf

Hahndorf is an ancient and well-known German community in Australia. Just stroll along the main street that passes by the home made ice-cream shops and you will reach the beer tasting  pub. You can try different varieties of German beer and all are pretty good. This is amongst the best Adelaide things to do. Very recently, it has become a tourist attraction in Adelaide because of its old buildings reflecting the ancient architecture of the German community. There is also some of the amazing craft shops, food stall, wooden work, beautiful fabric etc.

2.) Beaches

Adelaide is famous for the beach life, it has two stunning beaches which are ranked one of the best amongst the top Adelaide things to do. It dosesn’t matter whether the sun rises, or it sets the Adelaide beaches are always full with fun activities to do. Head to one of Adelaide’s most popular Henley and Semaphore beach. Enjoy the most stunning beach side cafes and old-school pubs. You will ultimately experience the retro beach. You can also take a drive down to Semaphore and enjoy an esplanade, fish ‘n’ chip shops, swimming and a park.

3.) Glenel Beach

When you are in Adelaide you must take a tram to Glenel beach and enjoy the ambience of this beach. This is one of the best Adelaide things to do. Just take a leisurely stroll on the beach, on a nice winters day and have a coffee and apple pieon the beach in an amazing cafe. There are so many new and old houses along the waterfront here you will also find many shops and restaurants to enjoy on the main street. The place is famous for the exhibitions. The Bay Discovery contains the historic Town Hall. This is amongst the best places to visit in Adelaide.

4.) Adelaide Botanic Garden

The garden is spread over an area of 125 acres and it was opened to the public in 1857. Located at the Eastern end of North Terrace, it is the most famous tourist attraction of Adelaide. This one of the must Adelaide things to do. They all are very different and are worth a visit. The Adelaide Botanic Garden includes things worthy of your time. You could easily spend a day here. This is one of the best Adelaide things to do with kids. Make a plan of at least 2-3 hours and more if you want to have lunch here. You can get a map from the counter at the gate of the garden as you enter the gardens and just stroll around.

5.) Barossa Valley and Wineries

Barossa Valley is an area of wine in South Australia. You will find different vineyards and farms/factories that manufacture Australian wine. Even if you don’t drink wine, you can pay your visit and know little extra about the wine making. The best way to view the Barossa valley is to opt for a private tour. This is amongst the top Adelaide things to do.  You’ll be amazed how reasonable the prices of wines and beer are. The best part of this vineyard is you get a chance to taste and then you can  buy. They will provide you the tours of all the wine factories. You will get to taste wine at a maximum of 6 wineries.

6.) Zoo of Adelaide

Adelaide Zoo was opened for public on 23 May 1883. The Zoo was named after the King George VI in 1937. The new name Royal Zoological Society of South Australia has changed over the years. Instead of cages, most of the species are grouped and put together as they are in their natural habitat, with the same environment. This makes it more enjoyable for the animals and the viewers. This is one of the best Adelaide things to do.

7.) Rundle Mall

Rundle Street is one of the main shopping streets of Adelaide. It is located in the western part of this place at pedestrian side. It runs parallel to museums and universities. There are many amazing arcades in the mall and all the major clothing stores like David Jones, Harvey Norman, Myers. Along with smaller local shops and food stall this is amongst the best Adelaide things to do. It takes half an hour to reach the famous ‘Regent Arcade’, it is an old ex-theater in the city. A beautiful heritage interior style, has more than 30 different shops including a good variety of cafe’s and a couple of amazing antique shops.

8.) Estcourt House

This mansion was established in 1883 by successful businessman Fredrick Bucknall. It is made to keep his eleven children and eight staff. This was designed in a way that let him view his many ships arriving into a port. This is one of the best Adelaide things to do with kids, so do pay your visit to this beautiful place. The Escort house is a good example of historic architect.

9.) Whispering Wall

It was established in 1902. The Barossa Reservoir was one of the amazing true concrete dams to be formed in the world. It was considered to be the best innovation in modern engineering style. The wall is Standing 36m high, from the ground level the dam holds up to 4510 liters of water in an area of 62 hectares. This wall is known as the “Whispering Wall”, the dam has stunning acoustical properties. Sounds from one end can be heard clearly at the other.

10.) Cleland Wildlife Park

The zoo at Cleland Conservation Park is very close to the edge of Mount Lofty. The aim of the park is to give you an opportunity to get closer interactive with native Australian animals. The park is one of the top Adelaide things to do. It is spread over an area of 35 hectares of open green land habitat where tourist can gaze at Australian wildlife. There is also a man made lake that gives a natural look to this conservation park where you can enjoy rafting. So plan a trip to Adelaide attractions and enjoy your holiday.

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